Past Presentations & Articles


Financial Literacy Discussion Panel

In April 2017, the Philadelphia Millennial Advisory Committee hosted a Facebook Live event with local experts to discuss all things financial literacy. Lindsay Dell Cook, participated in the panel to share practical tips for how millennials can manage their finances in today’s economy and how to get on the path to a secure financial future.

Watch the video here.

Financial Decision Making Assemblies

In December 2017, Lindsay Dell Cook visited Dutchess Day School in Millbrook, NY to speak to Pre-K through eighth graders about the basics of finance. The assemblies specifically focused on approaching finance from a decision making standpoint, and were designed to prompt the students to contemplate their relationships with money.

You can read more about these assemblies here.

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"Four Things Every Small Business Owner Should Know about Their Taxes"

Owning a small business is challenging on so many levels, but taxes seem to be a big stressor on the minds of most entrepreneurs. This article published by Think Creative Collective addresses some of the important tax issues that small business owners should consider when starting their company.

You can read the whole article here.